UT Martin to host ACT super-score skill-up workshops

The University of Tennessee at Martin Office of University Outreach is offering a series of online ACT prep courses throughout the winter for students who are preparing for the test. Online workshops will be held on six separate days, with students having the option of attending Math and Science or English and Reading sessions. The online courses will be held over Zoom, so participants must have access to a computer with audio and video capabilities.

The ACT super-score skill-up workshops, part of the ACT Success Tactics Series, will help students define the challenges of individual subjects and give them the tools to efficiently problem solve.  Each class is two hours and cost $25 each. Students may attend both classes for a total of four hours and $50. To see a list of available sessions and to register, visit www.utm.edu/outreach.

Also offered will be an ACT Algebra and Geometry Deep Dive Workshop from 5-7 p.m., Feb. 9 and Mar. 2. Students will review formulas and practice how to utilize them on the test. The workshops also include a comprehensive review of the geometry and algebra problems covered on the exam.

In addition, seven in-person ACT prep sessions will be held as follows: three on the main campus, three at the Parsons Center and one at the Somerville Center. For more information about these sessions, visit www.utm.edu/outreach.

UT Martin adjunct faculty member Alex Beene will teach the courses. He currently serves as a lead instructor for the Tennessee Audit Education in three counties and primarily works with rising high school juniors and seniors needing academic help with major standardized testing.

For more information, go to www.utm.edu/actprep or contact Jennifer Cooper, Office of University Outreach, at jlcooper@utm.edu or 731-881-7104.


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