Chancellor’s Corner: Working Together

Skyhawks, thank you for an incredible first week of classes. While we are all adapting to our new learning environment during the pandemic, I’m grateful for your patience and flexibility during this academic year. Let’s make week #2 even better than week #1!

COVID- 19 has impacted every role of my life, including my responsibilities as your chancellor. And in our current environment, I need your help now more than ever to ensure the health and well-being of our university community.

No matter what your feelings are about COVID-19, we need to practice civility. Life is different right now. People have varying attitudes about the virus and society’s response to it. But no matter our stance, we need to treat each other with respect. As Skyhawks, we owe this to each other.           
I also need a commitment from you to keep other Skyhawks safe. It means wearing a mask while on campus and keeping physically distanced from your classmates and faculty. It means keeping your hands washed and wiping down your desktops in the classrooms. Yes, this can be seen as an inconvenience, but it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

I’d also like to ask for your help with off-campus activities. Please make the right choices about limiting those in your social bubble and staying away from large group gatherings and events.

Skyhawks, help me create a safer learning environment this fall by doing the right thing as it relates to treating each other well and limiting the spread of COVID-19.

Let’s work together to have a great semester.

If you have any questions or want additional information, please feel free to email me at

Remember, even in the midst of uncertain times, it’s a great day to be a Skyhawk!

Dr. C

P.S. You can always keep track of our active COVID-19 cases and the latest information about COVID-19 on our website:

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