Twenty-four incoming transfer students and several staff members from the University of Tennessee at Martin participated in the first Transfer Boot Camp event Aug. 2-4. This group photo was taken outside the Dunagan Alumni Center on the UT Martin main campus.

Transfer students participate in pilot boot camp program

Twenty-four students participated in the state’s first-ever Transfer Boot Camp held Aug. 2-4 at Camp Linden in Perry County. This weekend event, hosted by the University of Tennessee at Martin and funded by the Tennessee Higher Education Commission, was designed to help incoming transfer students understand the opportunities and resources available to them at UT Martin and connect with other transfer students to create a support network before the start of the fall semester.

“The reality on most college campuses is that not every student enrolls directly after high school. As such, we need to make sure transfer students feel equally welcome when they enroll on campus, and (UT Martin) Chancellor (Keith) Carver’s dedication to transfer student success has been an exciting partnership for our agency,” said Mike Krause, THEC executive director.

Of the 28 participants, five have transferred from out-of-state institutions, and eight have attended at least two other colleges or universities before beginning at UT Martin this fall. The group was able to connect with UT Martin college deans and department heads as well as five peer mentors and other staff members from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Martina Roznovsky, an incoming sophomore from Trenton, has already attended two institutions without finding the perfect fit. Her experience during the boot camp has already made her confident that UT Martin will be her home until graduation.

“A few weeks ago, I received an email about a Transfer Boot Camp that was offered for a few days. I decided to attend, not knowing exactly what I was in for. … I gained so many new friendships and had the opportunity to learn about everyone that attended and about the history of the beautiful campus,” she said. “One thing that was very beneficial at the camp was all of the resources the leaders and professors offered to all of us. This experience has definitely made me feel more comfortable going into my sophomore year. … To say the least, the University of Tennessee at Martin makes me feel like I am home – home to a campus that holds endless opportunities for me and my fellow classmates.”

“The Transfer Boot Camp is a program that I would recommend every transfer student take advantage of before attending classes in the fall,” said Kim Gordon, from Brooksville, Mississippi. “I was able to step outside of my comfort zone and try new things. … Not only did I have a lot of fun and make new friends, I also had the opportunity to reflect on my goals and decide how I want to spend my time this upcoming school year. I cannot be more thankful for all the amazing things I have already experienced, and I am even more excited to see all the great things UT Martin has to offer this fall.”

For more information on admission and resources for transfer students, contact the UT Martin Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 731-881-7020 or


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